Made with goodness, love and organic:

  • shitake*
  • reishi*
  • cordyceps*
  • eucommia bark*
  • dandelion leaf*


  • hemp*
  • diatomaceous earth*
  • black chia seeds*
  • bee pollen*

NO freaky fillers, kooky chemicals or artificial anything.


90g | 200g


Reseal tightly every time. Cool, dry, happy place 🙂


Use within 6 months of opening.
Shelf life 24 months

Daily love dosage:

Formulated for puppies from 3 months to 2 years

Per 10 kgs body weight :

3 – 9 months old

1/2 teaspoon

10 – 24 months old

1 teaspoon

Serving Suggestions:

Mix with quality raw food for best results or with water/bone broth and pour over kibble.

Try our Vita Beef Bowl, Golden Lamb Stew or Puppy Porridge recipes. Yummmm x

Please note:

Medible Nutrition Boosts are intended for supplemental feeding.