We have crafted powerful blends of superfoods, herbs and natural medicines that aid healing and promote health at every meal.
Boost the healing value of your dogs food by mixing in the recommended dose with whatever you choose to feed them.

‘Magic’ Golds


Nutritional yeast, lucuma, maca and hemp

Our Vitality & Healing Formula combines modern science with ancient wisdom to nourish, protect, sooth and repair the body and mind for all all dogs in all stages of life.

Good for dogs who; are healing from injury or surgery suffer from allergies, anxiety, digestion issues or who are growing big and strong!


‘Miracle’ Greens


Moringa leaf, hemp, barley grass & kelp

This Happy Body Formula features four of the biggest nutritional rockstars on the planet. They ensure each and every dog is getting the full spectrum of nutrients they need to thrive and shine.

Good for dogs who; have chronic inflammation, need improved organ function, eat a processed or commercial diet or have been exposed to toxins.


Medible Veggie Mixes

Feed your dog natural balanced meals every day with our Medible Veggie Mixes. Just add meat! We make healthy home feeding SUPER EASY!

Medible Healing Formulas

Dogs can face many health issues and diseases in their life from allergies and arthritis to cancer and these formulas have been tried and tested by hundreds of dogs to alleviate ailments.

Pure Love Range

Our NEW! PURE range is built from natures finest, high quality, ingredients that pack a whole lot of power to support your dogs wellbeing, naturally.
Stack with your dog’s meal today!