Mobility Pack

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Mobility is important to all of us
for a full and happy life.

When we’re young movement is generally easy (and taken for granted!) and it gets progressively more difficult as we age due to the body systems slowing and breaking down. The same is true for our dogs.

Arthritis is one of the most serious health issues for senior dogs. It’s a painful, degenerative joint disease that is especially prevalent in large and giant breeds, but small dogs and young dogs do get it too. The process of degeneration usually starts years before you see your dog limping or not wanting to take the stairs so it’s best to act early to provide preventative foods or soothing relief before the disease is completely debilitating.

Managing and minimising pain is one of the key care factors for dogs and their humans throughout their life. Eventually, if the pain becomes unmanageable, then heartbreaking decisions are made.  Obviously we want to avoid this point for as long as we can. This can be done in a preventative manner, to slow the deterioration of the joints as much as possible, as well as in a responsive manner that soothes the pain and provides more movement.

Our Mobility bundle of natural health and healing supplements gives you both. Just mix them in with your dog’s healthy diet and you will see real and sustained improvements.

Create a batch of super healthy, anti-inflammatory dog food by blending Vita Veggie Mix with 4 kilos of quality meat, 400g of offal and 100g of Miracle Greens – that easy! Your batch can then be sectioned into portions for a few days, labeled and frozen for easy thawing and use ‘fresh’ from the fridge.

Add your GBP, MMM, MSM and VitC upon serving so that you can monitor the dose (always start small and build up to recommended daily dose).

This bundle of goodness includes:

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