Schizandra Berry Extract


Schizandra fruit, is from the plant Schisandra chinensis. The herb’s Chinese name, wu wei zi, means “five-taste fruit.” Schizandra possesses all five flavours, and has the capacity to nourish all five major organs and be a complete and holistic tonic for the entire body. For this reason many ancient herbalists held schizandra in the highest esteem and made it a part of their everyday diet; it was common practice to take schizandra daily for 100 days at a time to enhance performance and transform the entire body from the inside out.

Schizandra nourishes the Yin Jing of the kidneys, cleanses and tones the liver like no other herb, increases circulation, nourishes the heart, opens the lungs, and tones the spirit. It is truly one of the most remarkable herbs in the world.