PURE Colloidal Silver

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PURE Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is a boost to their natural immune system and is a soothing body tonic inside and out. It has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses without damage to the beneficial bacteria and tissue cells.

It helps soothe itches and scratches, heal cuts and wounds, clean ears and eyes and ease irritations. It’s the perfect key player in every dogs’ first aid kit.

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Usage & Info


Made with goodness, love and:

  • 100% PURE distilled water
  • electrically charged 99.99+ fine silver

NO freaky fillers, kooky chemicals or artificial anything. Guilt free goodness x


100g | 500ml


Cool, dark, dry, happy place. Do not freeze, refrigerate or store near magnets


Use within 12 months once opened

Shelf life 2 years

Daily love dosage:

  • spray on skin irritations, bites & wounds
  • bathe itchy eyes and paws to soothe
  • add 5-10ml to fresh water bowl as a detoxifier
  • spray fur & bedding to help repel fleas

Please note:

Intended for supplemental use

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