Dog lovers are increasingly waking up from their commercial dry dog food trance and wanting to give their dogs healthy food that their bodies were designed for and will thrive on. Food that says they love them.

Feeding ‘raw’ is the catch cry of this dog food revolution but just giving raw food is not enough. It needs to be a varied and nutritious blend of wholefoods. Just like for us.

Heathy raw is not is just meat. Giving your dog raw muscle meat only will not help them to thrive. In fact Dr Karin Becker ranks an unbalanced, homemade raw diet as the absolute worst you can give your dog (check out her Top 13). Worse than dry food.

The ancestral diet of our much loved companions included raw muscle meat, organ meat, bone, fats, skin, stomach and intestinal contents (fermenting veggie matter and grasses) of their prey. They also scavenged fruits and grasses, eggs and even poo (the ancestral probiotic).

Today we can replicate that at home even better than nature intended with quality meat and offal and a vital blend of low carb veggies, good fats and supportive nutritional medicines. Our I Love a Dog meal modules and nutritional supplements make it easy.

Check out this easy, nutritious recipe. It’s for a big batch to make in advance and freeze or serve fresh from the fridge. Give it a go! Your dog will love you for it.

Lamb mince, lamb heart and liver, and Vita Veggies Mix
with Magic Golds

2.5kgLamb mince
2Lamb hearts (diced)
300g​​​Lamb liver (diced)
1​​​Vita Veggies Mix (Red cabbage, carrot, turmeric, apple, hemp seed oil, milk thistle)
½ cup​​​Magic Golds (Nutritional yeast, lucuma, maca a,​nd hemp)
Mix well, divide into containers for fridge or freezer to serve later

​​​Upon serving:
Mix a little hot water to warm up the​ ​mix (if serving from the​ ​fridge)
Sprinkle​​Magic Golds
​​​Lightly fold through and serve with love

You can also mix through a pasture-raised​ egg, including the crushed shell, once or twice a week.

Please remember it is part of a healthy diet and should not be the only recipe in your dog’s bowl!

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