Made with goodness, love and organic:

  • carrot*
  • red cabbage
  • fresh turmeric*
  • apple*
  • hemp seed oil*
  • hemp seed and fines*
  • turmeric (5%)*



  • milk thistle*
  • passionflower*
  • ginger*
  • lemon*
  • citric acid
  • ground egg shells*

NO freaky preservatives, kooky chemicals, sneaky salt or sugar, artificial anything or nasty negativity. Guilt free goodness! Every ingredient counts x




Reseal tightly every time. Keep refrigerated.


Use within 7-10 days of opening fresh or thawing.

Freezer storage of 12 months.

Daily love dosage:

Serving suggestions:

Mix whole pouch with 2.5-3.5kg of fresh meat & less than 200g of offal for the perfect balance. Serve your dog their normal portion sizes.


For an extra health boost add our Golden Buddha Paste and/or ‘Magic’ Golds x

Please note:

Medible veggie mixes are intended for supplemental feeding.

Please note: these are world class ingredients of the highest order but are not classified as veterinary medicine.