Like all of us, dogs thrive on
real food and good nutrition

Their ancestors instinctively knew how to feed themselves right and when to
draw on the healing powers of nature if they felt unwell or out of balance.

Today these instincts are lost or confused by a mostly monotonous diet of inappropriate foods and an urbanised lifestyle. You can easily restore the balance and with some modern twists, feed them even better than nature intended! Help them shine inside and out today.

Seriously healthy dog food made super easy!

Now .. Stack

We can help you stack the right supplement dependent on the ailment or health issue.



Puppy Porridge w Lamb and Blueberries

Puppies (especially large breed ones like Romeo) have high energy needs which oats can provide. Oats are super nutritious, full of B vitamins and antioxidants, they provide good, clean energy…

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Golden Lamb Stew

This delectable recipe for dogs blends lamb mince, lamb hearts and liver, our Vita Veggie Mix and ‘Magic’ Golds and is easy, healthy and a treat of a dog dinner…

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Medible Meal Wheel

When our dog has cancer we want to do all that we can to help them heal and stay strong and healthy.

Every meal is an opportunity to do just that. Feed them a diet high in quality protein and omega 3,  medium levels of good saturated fats and omega 6 and low in starchy carbohydrates. It’s also good to add some immunity boosting and anti-inflammatory nutrients. The quality of the ingredients is key. Focus on clean, chemical free, wholefood ingredients as much as you can.

The Medible Meal Wheel below will help you ensure your dog’s diet is balanced and getting all that it needs to support their health and healing.

Are you feeding
your dog right?

You might be surprised that all you think you know about dog food is wrong. The best foods are not from a bag or a can, any more than they would be for you. Real dogs need real food. Get informed and be part of the solution! Dr Becker is our hero.. Be your dog’s health hero.. x

Our Medible Dog Food Range.

Whether you are looking for good food, nutritional supplements, or natural medicines our Natural Health Store for dogs can help your dog shine inside and out.

Check out our range of medible dog food and healing supplements that combine superfoods with natural medicines to boost your dog’s health at every meal.