Mixed Chew Collection

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Chew bundle for the dog who has everything and still wants more healthy deliciousness.

These chews are all natural, preservative, flavouring and colouring free. No nasties at all.

They are low fat or good fats, long lasting, and love in a box.

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Mixed Chew Collection

All chews:

  • Generally all great for dental health, mental stimulation and stress relief.
  • Single protein, naturally dehydrated, no preservatives or additives, are gluten free, mostly low fat, hypo-allergenic, easily digestible and sourced from the human food supply chain.

LAMB EARS – Low fat, easy eating, full body goodness

This gentle, fully-digestible, low fat chew is rich in protein, making them fantastic for muscle development and cell renewal. Also packed with manganese, chondroitin and glucosamine which all support strong joints and ligaments. Also great support for dental hygiene and helping stem progression of gingivitis, as well as mental stimulation and fun.

Suitable for dogs of all ages, especially smaller breeds, but mind that their small size means large dogs can swallow them whole which can be a choking hazard.

SHARK TAIL – Soothing, gentle anti-inflammatory Ocean Omegas

Packed with Omega 3 and 6, glucosamine, calcium and phosphorus in the balance dogs need, plus protein and vitamin D, shark tails are low fat, low allergenic with high health benefits, especially for joints, skin and teeth. They are anti-inflammatory, have some gentle pain relief properties, have no sharp bones or additives and dogs love them.

These single protein, low processing, no additives, Australian shark tails from the human food supply chain are sustainably sourced and provide your dog chewy, healthy deliciousness that soothes and supports their joints and bones.

COW HOOVES – Long-lasting, high protein, super chew or creative snack

The granddaddy of long-lasting chews cow hooves can last a whole day or more for even the most powerful chewer! They’ll especially love them if you stuff, freeze or spread something delicious in there (a fantastic idea for summer – see recipes below/here).

High in protein, particularly keratin which helps keep cells healthy, and low in calories they can provide wonderful relief to puppy power chewers and help gently blunt super sharp teeth, as well as keep teeth clean for all dogs.

They are packed with micronutrients like copper and zinc which are important for cell health and immunity, but it isn’t that digestible in nutritional terms. These are definitely a chew not a snack (unless filled with deliciousness – see recipes).

They can be a bit stinky at first but dogs love them that way and it doesn’t last that long. They can make a bit of a mess on the carpet too so you might want to put down an old towel or send them outside. Once they are gnawed down to a sloppy chunk it’s best to throw them away so they don’t swallow them whole.

These are one of my favourite chews for my dogs and definitely saved my arms from Romeo’s sharp teeth when he was a puppy!

COW EARS – Low fat, crunch for healthy joints and teeth

These large, crunchy, tasty chews are wonderful for oral hygiene and easily digestible. They are really high in protein and chondroitin, making them great for joint health, especially of older, arthritic or active dogs and a good source of calcium, iron, B1 and B2, niacin, potassium and iron.

They’re low fat (much better than pig ears – which I do not ever feed my dogs) and low carbs, but are not no calories at all, so they are good for dogs watching their weight but don’t over feed them.

They can last from 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on your dog’s size and chew capabilities and are great for dental health. Fantastic for teething puppies but best to cut in half as it’s generally too big for them in one session.

PIG TROTTERS – Nutritious, delicious, good natural fats

A delicious and engaging chew that is high in protein, zinc, iron, collagen, B12 and natural fats, making them great for joint, skin and muscle health, also high in calcium, making the good for bone health.

Air-dried and preservative and additive free, these chews are generally long-lasting and engaging and naturally delicious. It’s important to be mindful that the protein is fairly high in calories so it’s important to not overfeed these ones. The bones are generally digestible but each dog can chew differently so please watch how it progresses as they get through to the bones. Best for adult dogs over 10kg, who are not sensitive to pork, and probably not the right choice for those with pancreatitis or wanting to lose weight.

VENISON EARS – Clean, low fat, digestible, healthy joints, gentle on teeth

A naturally dehydrated, high protein, low fat, gentle, fully-digestible natural chew treat that they love the smell and feel of and is fun for them to play with and chew (although Romeo often buries his first..!).

We also love them because they are full of chondroitin, so they are great for joint health, are fairly long lasting, are generally low allergenic, are great for healthy teeth and gums, are non-greasy and have no nasties.

Give them on their own of fill the ear cavity with raw meat and veggie mix, offal paste or peanut butter mixed with one of our mushroom blends for extra nutrition and deliciousness.

Warnings / considerations:

  • Be mindful of the rare but potential choking hazard of chews if they swallow them while still too large.
  • Although this chew collection has been selected in part due to their mostly hypoallergenic nature, please be aware of rare but potential allergic reactions for some dogs.
  • Be sure to calculate your dog chews in their daily feeding amounts.

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