Natural Dog First Aid Kit

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A unique dog first aid kit with 6 ‘must haves’ to handle myriad dog health issues. From skin, ear, paw and eye irritations, to infections, poisons, parasites and more. – KIT: Vitamin C, MSM, Diatomaceous Earth, Colloidal Silver, Silver Soothe – plus a pair of tick tweezers


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Dog Natural First Aid Kit

This powerful bundle can handle so many health situations and hiccups from skin, ear, paw and eye irritations, hot spots and cuts, to infections and poisons recovery, intestinal health and parasite expulsion, post vaccination and tick medication support, paw cuts or burns, calluses, overall organ and blood cleanse support as well as gentle, natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory relief.

You never know what’s going to happen and what you do as a first response, and when, can make a huge difference to your dog’s condition and if they’ll need the vet. This bundle is a fantastic foundation for your dog’s home first aid and early response kit so that you’re prepared for what life brings. I use ours almost every day – even on me and my family. It’s all human grade!

If you want to be a great first responder for our dog you need to think about what can happen before it does. As my Girl Guide leader used to say: Be Prepared! 🙂

Great gift for Xmas or any time of year

KIT INCLUDES: Colloidal Silver (50ml spray), Silver Soothe (50ml pump), Pure Vitamin C powder (120g), Pure Diatomaceous Earth (50g) and Pure MSM (120g).