‘Miracles and Magic’ Duo

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Special edition collection. Ensure your home made meals have all the nutrients your dog needs – easy, every time. This powerful health duo of Miracle Greens and Magic Golds boost every dog’s health at every meal! Special edition stylish new tins while stocks last!

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‘Miracles and Magic’ Duo

Our Miracle Greens has pride of place in every dog’s kitchen. A unique blend of moringa (a nutrition powerhouse and natural anti-inflammatory), barley grass (a soothing detoxifier), hemp (packed with nourishing fatty acids) and Tasmanian kelp (for marine phytonutrients, iodine and omega 3) that delivers powerful nutrition in every meal.

Great for growing or active pups, those recovering from injury, surgery or illness, lactating mums, those on budget conscious, processed foods and happy dogs wanting to shine inside and out.

Alternate or combine with our Magic Golds, a lush blend of nutritional yeast (great for cognition and mood), maca, lacuma and hemp (packed with healthy fatty acids and omegas). Mix into food or sprinkle on snacks.

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