Our Love Treats can help support dogs with many challenging ailments or are super good
for any dog who loves a scooby snack. Yum!

And they’re heart shaped for extra love!

Kanga Kisses


kangaroo, beetroot, watercress & hemp
with moringa, barley grass & black chia seeds

This special Immunity formula blends lean, nutritious kangaroo with some of natures finest organic ingredients. Perfect for dogs who are fighting infections or facing cancer, are allergen sensitive, watching their weight, super active, managing other health issues or slowing down with age


Pumpkin Passions


pumpkin, molasses, flaxseed & hemp
with turmeric, passionflower & Ceylon cinnamon

This special anti-inflammatory formula blends powerful organic ingredients, herbs and spices for a delicious and healthy snack that most dogs just LOVE!

Great to soothe the bodies of older or active dogs and the skin allergies of sensitive dogs, as well as an overall good health boost.


Medible Veggie Mixes

Feed your dog natural balanced meals every day with our Medible Veggie Mixes. Just add meat! We make healthy home feeding SUPER EASY!

Medible Nutrition Boost

Every dog benefits from these nutrition boosts that nourish and balance the body and mind. Just sprinkle on your dogs meals every day!

Medible Healing Formulas

Dogs can face many health issues and diseases in their life from allergies and arthritis to cancer and these formulas have been tried and tested by hundreds of dogs to alleviate ailments.

Pure Love

Our NEW! PURE range is built from natures finest, high quality, ingredients that pack a whole lot of power to support your dogs wellbeing, naturally.
Stack with your dogs meal today!