Pumpkin Passions

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Pumpkin, molasses, flaxseed & coconut oil
with turmeric, passionflower & ceylon cinnamon

Our Pumpkin Passions are delicious medible morsels of nutritious goodness designed to help alleviate inflammation of joints, skin and body. Packed with nutrient dense ingredients these treats provide a daily dose of nature’s best medicine.


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Why it’s Good


This special Anti-inflammatory formula blends the phytonutrients of pumpkin, molasses, flaxseed, millet and hemp seed oil with the natural therapeutics of turmeric, passionflower and Ceylon cinnamon.

Great to soothe the bodies of older or active dogs, and the skin allergies of sensitive dogs, as well as an overall good health boost.


  • have any kind of arthritis
  • are overweight or obese
  • are very active or a working dog
  • are nearing10 years old or are older
  • are recovering from injury or surgery
  • don’t like to take the stairs any more
  • have allergies or hot spots


Please note: these are world class ingredients of the highest order but are not classified as veterinary medicine.

Health Benefits


These phytonutritious treats are rich in anti-inflammatory agents to help soothe joints, skin and muscles, as well as antioxidants which help prevent and restore cell damage caused by free radicals and support overall good health. Delectable and ‘medible’, our recipe will help promote healthy bones, joints, muscles, blood, skin and coat, and feature ingredients that studies show contribute to the inhibition of some cancers.

Ingredients: (*Organic) Millet flour*, Japanese pumpkin*, unsulphured blackstrap molasses*, flaxseed meal*, hemp flour*, coconut oil*, eggs*, flaxseeds*, passionflower*, turmeric*, hemp seed husks*, baking powder, citric acid, Ceylon cinnamon* and black pepper*

Millet Flour 
Should dogs eat grains? No, not really. Is millet different? Yes! Millet is a highly nutritious, gluten-free and alkalising ancient grass, bursting with antioxidants, protein and highly digestible fibre to help maintain healthy metabolism, heart and immune function, and cellular repair. Millet is also tasty and soothing on the stomach, and has been shown to play a role in preventing and reducing certain types of cancers.

We’ve chosen millet for its:

  • Impressive alkalising and detoxifying properties to help remove toxins and reduce inflammation.
  • High protein content (unusually high for a plant!) to re-build and repair damaged tissue and muscles.
  • B-complex vitamins including niacin, thiamin, and riboflavin, the essential amino acids methionine, lecithin, and some vitamin E to soothe, repair and strengthen cells.
  • High mineral content, including iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, and magnesium, and essential fatty acids for overall health and metabolism.

You may find some warnings that dogs with thyroid conditions should not eat millet, but be aware that these warnings can be traced back to a study that gave dogs intense amounts of millet in a short period that we would not recommend of any one ingredient. If your dog has a thyroid condition perhaps avoid lots of millet on its own and consult your vet.

References / further reading see here, here and here


Pumpkin is a delicious vegetable, low in fat, rich in Vitamin A and potassium, and one of the best-known sources of the antioxidant beta-carotene. But do dogs eat vegetables? Well actually yes they did and do. In the wild, dogs would obtain nutrients from digested vegetables in the stomach contents of their prey. Cooked pumpkin is a great vegetable choice, helping to provide dogs with nutrients and fibre, while packing in a high dose of beneficial vitamins and minerals.

We’ve chosen pumpkin for its:

  • Levels of beta-carotene, a known anti-inflammatory to help soothe joints and reduce inflammation.
  • Vitamin A content, thought to be beneficial to skin and coat health, as well as improving night vision.
  • Vitamin C and potassium for strong hearts, and high fibre content, to support healthy digestion.

References / further reading see here and here.

Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses

A ‘waste’ product of the sugar industry, unsulphured blackstrap molasses is increasingly becoming known as a nutrient dense superfood. A growing body of evidence suggests that  mineral and vitamin packed blackstrap molasses may play a role in cancer prevention and treatment, bone and heart health, reduce inflammation and support overall good health.

We’ve chosen unsulphured blackstrap molasses for its:

  • High levels of vital minerals and vitamins, particularly calcium and magnesium for strong bones (great for older dogs), and iron, copper, the antioxidant manganese, magnesium, potassium,and Vitamin B6 for overall vitality and strong immune systems.
  • Antioxidant selenium content, to support the removal of free radicals and boost the immune system. A number of studies have demonstrated a role for selenium in fighting certain cancers.
  • Delicious taste to coax even the fussiest of eaters.

References / further reading see here, here and here.

Flaxseeds and Flaxseed Meal

The health benefits of flaxseed have long been recognised. It was cultivated in Babylon as early as 3000BC and in the 8th Century King Charlemagne passed laws that his subjects must consume flaxseed due to its impressive health benefits. Flaxseed’s greatest attribute is probably its generous servings of beneficial fatty acids,  essential for overall healthy bodies, brains skin and coat. Some animal studies have also shown flaxseed to inhibit tumor incidence and growth.

We’ve chosen flaxseeds and flaxseed meal for its:

  • Rich Omega-3 fatty acid content to promote a soft, glossy coat and healthy skin in dogs. Omega-3s – espeically the critical alpha-linoleic acid (ALA) found in flaxseeds – are also incredibly important for brain function, the functioning of a strong and healthy immune system, and have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Digestibility as a ‘meal’ rather than the whole seed, helping to boost absorption. Flaxseeds are also high in fibre helping to support healthy digestion.
  • High content of antioxidant rich plant lignans to help fight free radicals and keep the body healthy.

References / further reading see here and here.

Hemp Seed (Flour and Husks)

Hemp has a long history as a staple, delicious food source, cultivated for centuries due to its healing and nutritional qualities. It was only in the mid-twentieth century that legislation limited or banned its use as a knee-jerk reaction to hemp’s relationship with its cousin marijuana. Hemp is actually one of the most nutritious foods on the planet and has no THC (the psychoactive compound in marijuana that makes you high), and has demonstrated roles in promoting healthy skin and coat, aiding immunity and regulating hormones.

We’ve chosen hemp seed flour and husks for their:

  • Most perfect balance of omega 6 to 3 essential fatty acid content, including linoleic acid (LA) and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). LA and ALA are both essential for dogs to maintain healthy eyes, skin, coat and brain cells, while also helping to reduce inflammation and helping fight cancer.
  • Gamma linolenic acid (GLA) content – another fatty acid which dogs under stress need to obtain from their diet, and to support them to keep their brain, skin and coat healthy and help reduce inflammation.
  • Extremely high protein content – amongst the highest of all plants! – to help regenerate, repair and rebuild cells and muscles.
  • Powerpacked minerals including phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, manganese and calcium for healthy bodies, bones, and brains, and high levels of vitamin E compounds (tocotrienols and tocopherols) for their strong antioxidant properties to help boost immunity and fight disease.

References / further reading see here and here.

Coconut Oil (Organic Cold Pressed)

Coconut oil is 90% super healthy saturated fat, the majority of which are Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) and responsible for most of coconut oil’s health benefits. By gently elevating the metabolism, coconut oil provides a higher level of energy and vitality, helps protect from illness, and speeds healing. Thousands of studies have shown coconut oil to be truely one of the healthiest foods on the planet, including a role in soothing inflamed and allergy-prone skin and coat, improving digestion, reducing inflammation and arthritis, and fighting cancer.

We’ve chosen coconut oil for its:

  • Rich source of MCTs, particularly its high levels of lauric acid, capric acid, and caprylic acids, known for their antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties to help fight infection and boost immunity.
  • Super efficiently metabolised MCTs to provide an immediate source of fuel and energy, enhancing athletic performance and aiding weight loss.They also balance the thyroid, helping overweight dogs lose weight and helping sedentary dogs feel energetic.
  • High levels of antioxidants to help reduce inflammation and arthritis.
  • Healing and protective qualities, especially for the liver which sick dogs may need help with, and it’s cancer-fighting ketones.

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Eggs (Organic and Free Range)

Organic eggs are one of the most complete sources of nutrition and are great for your dog’s coat and skin health. They are in fact the most perfect protein, packed with all the essential amino acids dogs need to shine. You can even grind up the shell as an additional source of calcium – incredibly important for dogs who do not eat raw meaty bones regularly to support healthy bones.

We’ve chosen eggs for their:

  • Rich antioxidants to boost immunity and reduce inflammation.
  • Eggs are also a great source of fatty acids and digestible protein, including the essential amino acids tryptophan and tyrosine  to help regulate mood, including anxiety, aggression, and stress.
  • High levels of vitamins and minerals, including riboflavin, vitamin A and D, folate, iron, biotin, and selenium. Selenium is a particularly important trace mineral and antioxidant shown to reduce incidence of cancer in both dogs and humans.

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Passionflower (Passiflora Incarnata)

Passionflower is a perennial climbing vine with a beautiful flower that has been used medicinally for centuries, first by Native Americans then by other cultures for its calming soothing properties. Some studies have shown that passionflower can actually be just as effective as synthetic drugs for treating an array of anxiety related issues. It’s safe for dogs and is often administered by herbalists to treat dogs with anxiety.

We’ve used passionflower for its:

  • Mild pain relieving and anxiety reducing properties to help stressed or sick dogs feel more relaxed and comfortable.
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe sore joints and muscles.
  • Anti-spasmodic qualities to help reduce and calm muscle spasms.

References / further reading see here, here, here and here.

Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) with Black Pepper

Turmeric has long been known as a culinary spice, but is now enjoying a renaissance for  the medicinal qualities of its active ingredient curcumin, particularly as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial powerhouse. Turmeric has also been shown to play a role in relieving skin allergies and inflammation, easing joint pain and blocking the growth of certain cancer tumours.  When combined with black pepper, the piperine in the pepper has been shown to dramatically increase the bioavailability of the curcumin in turmeric. Pepper itself is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.

We’ve chosen turmeric with a 5% curcumin content and a black pepper activator for their:

  • Strong anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce joint pain, inflammation and arthritis, and soothe irritated skin or coat.
  • Antioxidant power to capture free radicals and help support the immune system to fight infection, inflammation and cancer.
  • Mood regulating abilities to help support stressed dogs. Studies have shown curcumin to have a positive effect on depression similar to synthetic antidepressants, as well as a role in boosting serotonin and dopamine.

References / further reading see here, here, here and here

Ceylon Cinnamon

Considered to be the ‘true’ cinnamon (rather than the cheaper, more common and in large quantities toxic Cassia Cinnamon) Ceylon Cinnamon has long been venerated for its health benefits, including reducing muscle spasms, vomiting, diarrhea, and infection. Cinnamon is also rich in antioxidants, outranking numerous herbs and spices – including garlic and oregano! – for its free radical fighting abilities.

We’ve chosen Ceylon Cinnamon for its:

  • High levels of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds including proanthocyanadins and polyphenols to help support healthy joints and immune systems and fight disease, including cancer.
  • Role in promoting blood circulation to advance tissue regeneration and repair.
  • Tried and tested use to reduce bad breath and improve general oral health!

References / further reading see here, here, here and here

Usage & Info


Made with goodness, love and organic:

  • millet flour*
  • pumpkin
  • unsulphured blackstrap molasses
  • flaxseed meal*
  • hemp flour*
  • coconut oil*
  • eggs*
  • flaxseeds*


  • passionflower*
  • turmeric*
  • hemp seed husks*
  • baking powder
  • citric acid
  • ceylon cinnamon*
  • black pepper*

NO freaky preservatives, kooky chemicals, sneaky salt or sugar, artificial anything or nasty negativity.




Cool, dry, happy place. Reseal tightly every time.


Use within 30 days of opening.
Shelf life 12 months

Daily love dosage:

Serving suggestions per dog size


At least half a treat, up to 3 per day


At least 1 treat, up to 4 per day


At least 2 treats, up to 5 per day


At least 3 treats, up to 6 per day


At least 4 treats, up to 8 per day

Please note:

Medible dog treats are intended for supplemental feeding.

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