Medicinal Mushroom Medley: Puppy Power Formula

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Our NEW Puppy Power Formula

This Puppy Power Formula is a special blend of medicinal mushrooms, herbs and nutritive medicines designed to help set our puppies up for a happy, healthy life. This medley includes shiitake, considered “elixir of life”, reishi, the “herb of immortality”, cordyceps, the “caterpillar mushroom”, and tonic herb Eucommia bark. Together they are wonderful for immunity, cell regeneration, heart health, respiratory and organ function, growing healthy joints, detoxification and have anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic properties.

Usage & Info


Made with goodness, love and organic:

  • shitake*
  • reishi*
  • cordyceps*
  • eucommia bark*
  • dandelion leaf*


  • hemp*
  • diatomaceous earth*
  • black chia seeds*
  • bee pollen*

NO freaky fillers, kooky chemicals or artificial anything.


90g | 200g


Reseal tightly every time. Cool, dry, happy place 🙂


Use within 6 months of opening.
Shelf life 24 months

Daily love dosage:

Formulated for puppies from 3 months to 2 years

Serving suggestions per dog size: Mix with quality raw food for best results or with water/bone broth and pour over kibble.

Per 10 kgs body weight :

3 – 9 months old

1/2 teaspoon

10 – 24 months old

1 teaspoon

Please note:

Medible Nutrition Boosts are intended for supplemental feeding.

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