Petra - Melbourne 2019

Thanks to Donna’s love, support, knowledge and wonderful products my terminally ill dog Pepperoni is not yet presenting symptoms of distress, discomfort or poor health, despite a visible tumour. The vet only gave her 6 weeks to live and that was almost 18 weeks ago. Everyday is a blessing and a bonus – but the products seem to have slowed the growth of the tumour and she looks great and seems to be feeling great. I am amazed and grateful far beyond words. I hope more people discover I Love A Dog and their wonderful products. Thank you xXx
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Millie was given 6 weeks from diagnosis and went on to have a wonderful 8 months!;)
(West Perth, WA)

Energetic, recovery time reduced after rigorous beach exercises. Fantastic preventative supplements with their raw diet. Thank you.
(Robina, QLD)

Kona lost her hair on her nose, her biopsy showed a fungal infection in the hair follicles. I’ve found the magic golds and silver colloidal spray have helped her hair grow back.

Hi Donna,

I just wanted to write to you and say, I’ve been giving Pony the miracle greens for almost a year now since you first mentioned them to me. She has always had a very sensitive stomach, and she would often go eat grass in the backyard and throw up shortly after. Since I started mixing half a teaspoon of the miracle greens into her meal, she has not been randomly sick once. She threw up the other night for the first time in a long time, and I asked my husband if he remembered to put the greens in her dinner – he forgot. They really are a miracle! Thank you for making them! We’ve moved to France so I have my sister post them over now.

Bec x

Hemi just loves the taste and looking after her joints and overall well-being.
We also wish Ruby the happiest of birthday’s and we just LOVE everything about your food and treats and the amazing service you provide, it really is with love.
(Laura, SA)


You gave us time. I lost Gus in June. But his memory lives on. Thank you Ruby, love Gus x
(North Sydney, NSW)

The Golden buddha paste and other supplements are working well I have been able to reduce Nala’s intake of anti-inflammatories dramatically to 1 every now and then.

Rogan’s still doing amazing, absolutely no sign of his previous limp and he runs 2-3k every day on the beach!!!  Far cry from 12 months ago when we were facing an operation!!!  We started my daughter’s 5 yr old labby on Miracle Greens 3 months ago because of allergies and it’s helped heaps!!
Great to see you guys doing all this for our babies ?? thank you, thank you!
– Lorraine, Burleigh Heads, NSW

Our dogs’ health has improved so much since we found I Love a Dog!
(Craigmore, SA)

Hamlet was diagnosed with Epilepsy last year. We love your products for all of the health benefits, but particularly for supporting Ham’s liver given the impact the medication can have on his organs.

I so glad that I found such great natural supplements for my babies. They helped my boy Mal with inflammation. I know he had extra time with me because of them. They’ve helped Jasper and Sasha with allergies and yeast. I’m also using with our puppies.
(Congewai, NSW)

I wished I had know about I Love a Dog’s products earlier, then my Cinder’s quality of life could have been improved just like it did for Ella before she passed in a much calmer and peaceful way.

Driven by my own desperate research I found I Love a Dog. It opened my eyes to what we are feeding our dogs and how it can and does help. Our nearly 13 yr old Staffy Max was diagnosed with soft cell sarcoma in his front leg in early 2019. We decided not to amputate due to his advanced arthritis. By September that year, our 12.5 yr old Malamute x Husky Gypsy was diagnosed with a pathological fracture in her hind foot, from Osteosarcoma. We decided not to amputate due to advanced hip weakness/arthritis.

I researched every dog diet and supplement there was to help, I also had great advice from a canine nutritionist. I started feeding the dogs a balanced raw diet and included I Love a Dog Miracle Greens, Magic Golds and Mushroom Medley – Immunity in May.

Not treating Max was intense. Every 5 days we went to our amazing vet for bandaging as by approximately mid year the worst happened, his ulcerated leg ruptured. I was told it was unlikely to heal, but it may remodel. It did. Not only did it remodel, the size of his tumour drastically reduced in size. I believe without doubt to have done that his immune system had to be in the best shape it could be. That came down to what he was now eating.

Gypsy we assume healed her fractured foot, she stopped limping, inflammation reduced and she showed no pain for many months. She only had limited medical pain relief at the end of her life, for a dog with Osteosarcoma that is a feat in itself. Again, good health and what she ate supported her body through the fight of her life.

Both dogs lived happy lives, far longer than either prognosis, we believe from good management and diet. They left us in June and July 2020, 2 weeks apart in our arms ?. Their legacy lives on in our Staffy pup Ruger who also is fed all the same supplements from I Love a Dog.”